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Exotic cooking

Making the impossible possible;

Impossible but more magnificent;

A wonderful rendezvous between different ingredients and flavorings;

Will bring your palates some exotic taste;

5 Yuan approximately per person; Bring you the “soy sauce ice creams”, “exotic fruits”, and more surprising combinations. Too delicious to stop eating.

Location: on the second floor of the indoor exhibition hall, in front of the Haday Cabin (souvenir shopping area) 

Time: any time and specialty dishes are introduced according to seasons

Format: tokens can be purchased at the Hai Tian Cabin

Condition: individual purchase

Yummy's Restaurant

There is always one dish that you have to have.

Signature dishes at Hai Tian, simple and consistent, delicious no matter how it is consumed.

Limited availability: signature soy sauce ribs; signature sour pigs' knuckles; signature soy sauce noodles...

Simple dishes with not so simple taste, only 10 Yuan per person, enjoy right now.

Location: Yummy Dining Hall on the ground floor of the indoor exhibition hall, also the last stop of the visit.

Time: 10 am-12 pm; 2 pm-5 pm

Format: order right there or purchase tokens first at the Hai Tian Cabin

Condition: individual purchase or family purchase

Hai Tian Bean themed banquette

【Hai Tian Bean themed banquette】

Soy beans, rich in amino acids that are necessary for humans

Hai Tian bean themed banquette will show you how to use beans in different ways for cooking.

Rich ingredients and signature Hai Tian flavorings

Bring you a special bean-only banquette.

40 Yuan per person and you will enjoy a bean-themed dining environment;

Receive fine bean gifts which come with each meal.

You will fall in love with soy beans from now!

Hai Tian signature feast

【Hai Tian signature feast】

Steamed fish in soy sauce and steamed fish in oil, lightly aromatic

Lettuce stir-fried in Hai Tian oyster sauce, lightly aromatic

High end soy sauce ribs, highly aromatic

Vinegar sweetened pettitoes, highly aromatic

80 Yuan per person

Bring you refined ingredients, high end products and five-star chefs to cook privately for you a signature banquette “Hai Tian Feast.”

Location: Classic Taste Dinning Hall

Time: 11 am-2 pm for group lunch; 5 pm-7 pm group dinner

Format: booking one day in advance

Condition: group of 10 people