Yummy's Sunny Castle is an industrial tourism project invested by Foshan Haitian Flavoring & Food Co., Ltd. By 2018, approximately one million visitors have entered Hai Tian Soy Sauce Sunny Factory cumulatively. Due to the attraction of the factory itself, its industry nature of being scientifically educational about food safety, also due to its high investment in students' scientific education, food safety education and education on quality, and also its outstanding performance, it has been rewarded the titles of the national popular science education base and Guangdong social practice base for high school and primary school students.

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday. Visitors are welcome any time by prior reservation, including on public holidays.
Opening hours 9 am-5:30 pm; closed at night
Popular science education
Visiting the modern smart factory from a close distance, spreading popular science about food safety, learning about the process of brewing soy sauce, these attractions make the trip highly characteristic and suitable for family visits, students' extra-curricular practice and training and touring by institutions and enterprises.
Weather suitable for visits
The Yummy's Sunny Castle is an indoor attraction and suitable for visits in all weather conditions.
Visiting period
It takes about 2 hours to tour the whole industrial park.
Food and drinks
There are snacks sold in the exhibition hall in the industrial park; Vending machines are available for purchasing drinks. Themed lunch and dinner can be booked in advance.
Shopping in the industrial park
At the exit of the industrial park, there is the shopping area. Merchandise includes Yummy and Happy Bean themed products; Also available are all of Hai Tian's condiments including exclusively designed gift boxes and newly introduced products, with the latest production dates.
Compulsory smoking ban
Since the industry park is an industrial tourism center and belongs to a food enterprise, smoking ban is implemented through the whole park and there are no smoking rooms. Please strictly abide by the ban.
Forbidden item
Besides hazardous substances such as explosives, inflammable, radio active substances, the following items are prohibited to be carried into the industrial park:
(1) Liquid items such as soft and hard-packaged drinks, alcoholic drinks. However, liquid dairy products needed by babies or liquid medicines needed by patients may be carried inside by visitors in appropriate amounts.
(2) Ignition appliances such as lighters or matches.
(3) Pets.
(4) Transportation such as bicycles or motorbikes. However, baby strollers and wheelchairs are the exceptions.
(5) Other items that may get in the way of other visitors, cause physical or property damages to others, disrupt order in the industrial park or pose risks to the safety of the industrial park.
Civilization visit
Visitors shall observe public order and follow the route guide in the park to visit each exhibition hall in order. Visitors shall also abide by relevant rules of the park and exhibition halls and follow the guidance provided by staff members.
Visitors shall not engage in the following behaviors:
1. Damaging buildings, facility and exhibits; Damaged items need to be paid for according to their original prices.
2. Climbing over buildings or fences; to be fined 500 Yuan for each offense per person.
3. Entering production sites outside the exhibiting areas; to be fined 5,000 Yuan for each offense per person. Visitors with intention to endanger food safety or pose risks will face legal consequences.
4. Spitting and littering; to be fined 100 Yuan for each offense per person.
5. Smoking in the industrial park; to be fined 500 Yuan for each offense per person.
6. Behaviors proscribed by signposts; to be fined 50-200 Yuan for each offense per person.
7. Other behaviors that may get in the way of other visitors, cause physical or property damages to others, disrupt order in the industrial park or pose risks to the safety of the industrial park.

Photography and Video
No photographing is permitted in the production area. Same applies to attractions marked with “No photos permitted” in the exhibition hall.
Visitors information
The visitor services center is set up aside the exhibition hall entrance, providing services such as information, emergency medical assistance, lost and found, missing persons. It also accepts complaints from visitors.
Services and complaints hot line:0757-88629886-0