The Yummy's Sunny Castle, as an industrial tourism project, only aims to recoup the operational and maintenance costs of the scenery but not to make a profit.
Ticket information for individual visitors(Prices for group tickets(more than 30 people)and travel agencies are based on the booking prices.)

Types of tickets Ticket names Prices (Yuan), same on holidays
Ordinary tickets Children shorter than 1.2m Free
Discount tickets (the disabled; military soldiers;teachers; students; seniors older than 65, identification documents needed) 25 CNY / person
Regular tickets 50 CNY / person
Group tickets Groups (at least 20 people) will enjoy group discounts if official letters bearing official stamps of companies or travel agencies are presented.Long-term partner travel agencies enjoy discounts.For the details please call the Promotion Department on 0757-8862 9886-1 or call the mobile number 180 222 10580 for information and bookings.
Feature programs Soy sauce classroom activities 18  CNY / person
Little condiment experts activities 50  CNY / person
Dining and drinking Exotic cooking 10   CNY / serve
Signature snacks 10  CNY / serve
Bean themed banquette (beans only banquette) 600 CNY / table
Hai Tian signature feast800  CNY  /table

important information for ticket purchasing
1. Except for people who are eligible for free tickets, each ticket is valid for one person. Admission by tickets only.
2. Feature programs need to be booked 3 days in advance; Group bookings of dining programs need to be booked and paid 3 days in advance. Other programs need to be purchased onsite on an as-needed basis.
3. Group tickets and tickets for signed travel agencies should be paid according to the contracts; Groups formed on the fly need to pay the normal standard prices.
4. Visitors are not entitled to multiple discounts above at the same time.
5. Discount ticket prices apply only to normal door tickets but not to feature programs or dining.