The latest news south China network media into haitan, thumb up sunshine factory quality

Release date:2018/05/10

On the morning of August 1, nearly 30 people from the south China delegation of "big names", such as youku, sohu and baidu, were invited to the sunshine castle in haitia-amie. Such a strong lineup makes people wonder, is wang han coming again? Wrong, actually they are the main characters of this activity!

From the start of "getting soy sauce" to its listing and development into a well-known seasoning enterprise with a market value of nearly 100 billion yuan, Haitian food industry has been under the spotlight of the media. The purpose of this sunshine factory visit, themed "I see and trust", is to invite new media "friends circle" to witness the modern production process of haitan soy sauce and refresh their impression of the production of traditional seasoning.

"My son usually asks for soy sauce when he eats fish, so I brought him here to help him understand how soy sauce is produced." On that day, many friends of new media also took their children with them, hoping to visit the activity to learn more about the sky and the sea and give them a unique science lesson. Under the guidance of hai tian guide, new media friends first "traversed" to the ancient law park 300 years ago. One lifelike scene sculpture were reconstructed the selected beans, cooked beans, sweet song, mixing materials, starter-making, fermentation, sunlight, precipitation, filtering out the oil, and other ancient soy sauce production steps, "walk on the long corridor, the feeling is read in a book tells the history of the soy sauce production." The history and culture of seasoning production can be deeply felt without too much words.

Centuries ago, soy sauce was made by hand. Now that we have computers and robots, how will soy sauce production be disrupted? Accompanied by that familiar sauce, media friends found the answer in the following tour, and fully felt the transformation of Haitian in the transformation and upgrading. Through the massive glass Windows of the passageway, you can see that several automatic production lines are running in an orderly way. The international leading 48,000 bottles/hour high-speed filling line, the modern robot stacking system in the three-dimensional color bin and the highly automated full-touch operating system all make them marvel. By contrast, we were able to collect higher decibels of exclamation on the "mu the light bath" argument. There are more than 600,000 square meters of glass tanning pool on one side and huge glass fermentation tanks on the other. "It was not long ago that wang han often heard in the advertisement that 600 thousand square meters of sunshine is big and sunny, and he has been" imagining "the picture. Now he finally sees how Haitian has brought the tropic of cancer sunshine into his possession!" After visiting the "eight scenic spots", media friends observe with their eyes and feel with their bodies and bodies, and the image of the advanced high-speed, sanitary and safe haitan soy sauce has been engraved in their minds.